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We are a Real Estate and Project Management company with primary commitment in land/property development, real estate investment services. Our interest is to offer our clients excellent services in the real estate industry. We provide professional and flexible service to our customers both in Nigeria and outside the country. We plan to give our clients a stress-free experience by growing their real estate portfolio and making it easy for our customers to own their own homes.

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To be a reputable and true real estate firm that aims to be a point of reference in all things related to real estate with the mind of turning your real estate portfolio into gold.

Our Mission

To provide an outstanding level of quality services that put our client’s interest above ours, providing the highest level of honesty and expertise

We also transact to transmit the dreams of every individual in reality.

Tams Exclusive Empire LTD is a real estate and property development company whose purpose is to help people realize their aspirations for the pride of ownership, comfort, security, and wealth through the provision of excellent homes for all classes of society with a focus on the neglected populace in respect to government housing programs.

Our basic role at Tams Exclusive Haven is to secure suitable, affordable housing and properties for everyone. We ensure we give out the best of the best accommodation and properties.

Our core values are to build on consistent and quality services to clients, develop our talents, and achieve the high-quality standard, make decisions and help grow the business, and sharing ideas to achieve a common goal.


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Olatunde Abayomi Emmanuel

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Director Of Affairs

Mercy Popoola

Director of Finance

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