Tams Real Estate Development (TRED)

Real estate development is an important part of real estate in which requires a lot of capital to Fund, but when the project is carried out the is also a huge increase in valuation of the project ranging from 100% to 300% in the space of 3 to 5 years.

 We at Tams Exclusive Havens Ltd are giving our clients the opportunity to invest in our Tams Real Estate Development (TRED), we will be offering you a chance to earn 40% in 2 years’ time. Our clients get to choose any of our locations under this program and make investment. Also, our clients stand a chance of owning a land on that location at the end of the plan.

However, our investment Plan is capped to a specific amount which once achieved the location will no longer be available to the public.

Take advantage of these great opportunity and let your capital work for you while you sleep.

Investment Plans