Tams International Private School

Every kid is esteemed as an interesting person. For this reason our school embraces the Montessori method of instruction which perceives that kids learn in various ways, and obliges all learning styles.

The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child's own natural desire to learn. Maria Montessori

About Us

The historical backdrop of Tams International Private School is certainly a contextual investigation of what unalloyed confidence in God can cause to manifest. The school has a record of humble emergence, with a premium consideration of the enforcement of Christian and squeaky clean standards. Tams International School's starting point can be dated to early 2020 when an unmistakable assertion and an obvious vision to begin was got from God. During the main year, the enlistment of staff and pupils took off.

Tams International Private school is aimed at breeding children that will be the pride of the country anywhere in the world and become ambassadors of peace, brilliance and artistry, through the implementation and the adoption of the system of Maria Montessori's system of early childhood education, which enables young children to develop natural interests and activities.

Our school system is based on the ideology that learning process and impartation of knowledge transcend beyond the classroom level; hence our consistent creation of such extra-curricula activities as career exhibition, cultural exhibition, sport activities, chess game competition, Tae kwon do, Monopoly, scrabble, amongst several others, which are capable of expanding the academic ambits and artistic orbits of the children.

Tams International Private School has zero tolerance for any degree of misdemeanor and uncontrollable juvenile delinquency. We therefore, from time to time, alongside academic activities ensure the manifestations of the Christocentric qualities of our school.

Our children, so far, have been able to duly represent the school at various symposia and competitions, ranging from academics to sports. We have also been able to participate in the Indomie Fans' club organized for children in Lagos.

All these sensational and triumphant involvements are just but a tip of ice berg as we are yet to completely unravel the potentials and unleash the geniuses in our children.